Christ Church - Warren, Ohio
Christ Church
2627 Atlantic St. NE
Warren, OH 44483

Message from Fr. Jeff

Christ Church, Warren, OhioChrist Episcopal Church is a loving, open, inclusive community of followers of Jesus Christ. We truly are... but I'm guessing almost every Christian Church says the same thing! So what makes us different? Well, I guess, it's because we deeply care about encountering God. I mean, a person can encounter the Divine in a myriad of ways... we get that. The Episcopal Church rests securely on a three-legged stool approach to God-meaning, we believe that you need each of the following legs of the stool so that you don't end up on the floor! Scripture, Reason, and Tradition are those legs as well as our filters for everything we do. These filters help us to love God, love our neighbor, and change the world. It's not surprising then that our mission statement is "To love one another as Christ loves us."

We want to help you encounter God as well. With various ways to worship God and many outreach ministries, the world is being changed (no matter how the scale) by our efforts to spread the Good News. There really is something for everyone here at Christ Church! If you are thinking of visiting, have questions, or have a pressing pastoral issue, do not hesitate in calling me at the church, stopping by, or emailing me. I want to get to know you and perhaps make this faith journey together because there is always room for more believers in the Kingdom of God.

In Christ

The Rev. J. Jeffrey Baker

Chirst Church - Warren, Ohio